$300,000 Jury Verdict

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Trial Result: $300,000 Jury Verdict Against "Complete Home Inspections, Inc."
July 20, 2015
We are pleased to report that following a four-day trial last week in Montana’s Fourth Judicial District Court (Missoula County), we obtained a $300,000 verdict against Complete Home Inspections, Inc. and its owner/operator. The jury found that the inspector and CHI negligently inspected, violated the Montana Home Inspection Trade Practices Act, and violated the Montana Consumer Protection Act. The jury additionally found the owner/operator personally responsible for the verdict. We will now move for increased damages and attorney’s fees under the MCPA.
We had a wonderful and very thoughtful jury and they paid extremely close attention throughout. That’s the beauty of the jury trial – a party can only run in circles for so long before having to justify their conduct to the community. We believe that this is the largest verdict ever taken against a home inspection service under Montana law.

What happened?

Montana Home Inspection Trade Practices Act

I wonder what happen that caused this to go to court?


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