300 views on financing a camera!

Looks like there is an interest.

Should Flir consider this interest!

After all we are the marketers of their products (besides The Mythbusters).

NACHI rules the market.
Go for it Nick!

I received a Special year end offer in the mail today from FLIR. Save up to $750!!! While inventory Supplies last!
Unfortunately I have to order an B-series Camera before December 15, 2007. A quick check of the calendar says its the 20th today. Not sure how I can swing that. Same thing happened the other day; got a $10 gift card in mail from Lowe’s but I had to use it before September 30, 2007. Amazing.

Everything in life is negotiable bet if you called them they would give the same price sure would make a nice present to yourself;)

I don’t need it. There are much better deals available all day, every day for IR cameras. Just wanted to snap their garter for sending out postcards for a deal that happened 5 days ago. Someone screwed up the promotion and as a result they probably lost a lot of deals with folks that would take them up on it. By the time IR becomes the norm the prices will have dropped down to where most anyone can afford to buy one or pick one up cheap from some hapless HI that charges $165 for a full home inspection including the IR photography and then has to shut down because they can’t make a living. They will sell off their equipment piece by piece. See deals on Ebay all the time just for that very reason.

LOL, probably should have snapped the garter of the USPS first! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your are probably right but the USPS always manages to get the bills here right on time.:wink:

I’ve had similar problems with e-mail advertisements…I go to the site (same day) to read up on the item, and the promo is expired! Can’t blame the USPS for that one…maybe Gore though! :twisted: :mrgreen: