320 X 240 VS B-Cam

I just recently purchased a new camera with higher resolution than my B-cam for my commercial work. I snapped a couple a shots in my own living rm catherdal ceiling where Charley needs to add some insulation and can see a difference in the cameras both cameras were set to auto adjust. Looking forward to my first roof scan with the new camera

Now you can see the nails! :wink:

I wish I was rich!

I sat next to Larry Cage at Level I with his new “camera from he!!”
I tried several time to walk out of there with it, but he’s fast! :slight_smile:

Yes you can see the nail heads even when painted over:D

Nice 320 x 240 did you get a Wide Angle lens with that?

I can just see you now atop a 12’ ladder on a roof looking down on things.

Hold on.