$322. per year for $1 M Liabiliy Insurance

Dear fellow Florida Inspectors,

I was tired of overpaying for my liability insurance. This year my renewal for $600K in coverage was almost $600.

Another inspector suggested I go to Thomas Insurance Services & I would be pleased with the rates.

I recently got $1,000.000. in liability insurance through them for $322. per year!

We all work off of referrals, so when I see someone with a great product I refer them as well.

Call Susan Soltysiak and ask for a quote. Be sure to tell her you are a member of NACHI. Rates are of course subject to underwriting guidelines & inspector’s level of experience.
Thomas Insurance Services

Thanks for posting Kenneth.


One thing everyone needs to realize is that there are many factors in the price of insurance so one size does not fit all. Make sure you know what you are covered for. It also depends on volume…

Also, GL is usu included in E/O quotes, so you may be comparing apples to oranges to peas.

Wow I just got a quote from Hiscox and they are 354.00 for 500k I will call Thomas insurance services thanks for the recommendation:)

Hiscox is 354.00 for 1,000,000.00 as well, I just got a policy through them last week.

Either way both are great prices.

I didn’t read the policy right its 500k per occurrence and 1M per aggregate.

The one I have through them is 1,000,000 per and 2,000,000 agg.

Their price is the same for the 500,000 or 1,000,000 in coverage - So why not get the Mil