33 varying size storage units

build in 1977,
recently renovated,
two levels over head door on each floor
Boiler unit,

link to site- http://www.royallepagelandmart.com/browse-property/commercial-property.html?view=property&id=896:1235-athabasca-st-e-moose-jaw-moose-jaw

How match would you charge for an assessment?

Are there to be sprinklers in all areas of building?


I know you know this already, so…

What is the Scope that your potential Client wishes you to inspect to?

This is the information you need (as well as other general stuff) to even consider arriving at a fee.

thanks Jeff,

That’s the question.

A basic visual, with the inclusion of fire prevention systems if they are up to standards?
Sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, if and where they should be.

As there isn’t enough info to base a fee upon,


The Fire systems/sprinkler system/alarms/extinguishers/etc. should be subbed out to a local Tech Specialist Co. as they will need the systems Certified for insurance purposes, seeing as they are a Storage facility. You definitely do not want that liability! Oftentimes, the business will already have a relationship with someone which may save you some dollars in fees as they should have maintenance records to assist them in the Certification and testing process. I always inquire for this info if known.

As for everything else, I would try to determine how many TOTAL man-hours it will take to perform the inspection and multiply by your commercial rate. Do the same for your anticipated report writing hours. Add both of those together along with your expenses and additional fees and costs (such as the Fire tech if you coordinate), for your grand total MINIMUM bid $$$$.

Example only:

2 inspectors @ 6.25 hrs each = 12.5 hours
12.5 hours @ $150.00 per/hr = $1875.00

12.5 hours @ $75.00 per/hr = $937.50

Tech (Fire) fee: $500.00
Travel fee: $125.00
O/Nite lodging fee: $250.00
Man-lift rental (Roof access): $350.00

Total: (Bid) $4037.50 (USD)
(50% Deposit due upon Bid acceptance ~ Balance due prior to Report distribution).

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply, yes, thats what I was doing.
On commercial always a deposit, my reports be they residential or commercial, never are delivered without a signed agreement, and complete payment.

I figured so, as I know you are not new to commercial inspecting.

I posted what I did 1) “just in case”, and 2) to show many here there is more to commercial bidding than just “pick-a-fee” and roll in the buck$!

Although (in some cases) there are some similarities, Commercial inspecting is definitely not a glorified Residential inspection, and I suspect some get way in over their heads either by not knowing this, or simply ignoring it! (Not saying you, but many on this MB).