35% InterNACHI discount from NHITI on training Feb 29 thru March 2, 2008.


Isn’t the same company that was offering free hi training to members of inspectionnews.com or inspectorsjournal.com a couple months ago??

I never heard of those 2 forums, they must not get much traffic, are there really silly people out there who think they can create forums to compete with this one? Do they know we’re getting 26 million views a year.

Anyway, back to your question. I just visited the site and only see discounts (bottom right) for our members. Sorry.


From my exp the other forms prefer to maintain professionalism, do not permit name calling of others in the profession, profanity, never seen them brag how they were drunk when posting.

Heck some of your established inspectors even post good info on both sites.

Not sure about the 26 mil views a yr.
I Don’t think they count slurppy spiders as credible views:mrgreen: :mrgreen:


I want to thank you so much for being the true example of HI professionalism.:sarcasm::sarcasm::sarcasm:

Now takle your pills and have a nice day.:shock: