35' mobile infrared training classroom coming to Ontario, California event on June 16

Peter Hopkins from United Infrared will be presenting on the many uses of thermography and some new tools for use in your business. You will have a chance to view our brand new 35’ mobile training classroom built with displays to test out your new IR camera.

Don’t miss this huge InterNACHI event in Ontario, California on June 16, 2015. Register now:http://ca.nachi.org/inlandempire/event1147.html

UI MTU Labs2.jpg

UI MTU Entrance.jpg


Is this earlier in the day, before you speak, or after, or?

I’m sure Peter is going to have to have it open throughout the evening (except when he does his talk).

Great addition Nick. Thanks for adding

Wow! I cant wait. This is a great addition.

Inspector Outlet is shipping down a ton of door prizes for this event.

So, should we bring our IR cameras? One of the banners says “Infrared Training Center”, so is this associated with ITC?

Still lots of room. Get registered today. or show up early and register at the door. We will have someone there to handle it

You would go somewhere with out it?

United Infrared. See: http://ca.nachi.org/inlandempire/event1147.html

Yes bring your Camara

Talking to Peter with United Inferred, he would like to know what are people who are coming looking for as far as information. Basic or advanced? Flir one / C2 or more advanced. Are you looking for how to use or how to up sell. Please pose you replies so i can let him know

For me:
Advanced camera.

Advanced how to as it relates to the home inspection.

I am already a Level 1, as are several other of us, but the ITC level one class is not home inspector specific.

It would be nice to get into more details of good practices and how to as it relates to doing Home Inspections. I’ve found many water leaks, flue leaks, and other items with my thermal camera on inspections, but I’m sure there is more to know.

What Ian said.

I will defiantly pass this along to him Ian and Frank

Frank are you going to drive up next week to our regular chapter meeting

Where is it?

It’s in Ontario ( Ca )

Ian you are welcome to… All is welcome

That should be good. Mikes a great speaker.

Oh, I’d love to.

But with traffic, to get there by 6 I’d have to leave here mid-afternoon.

And there is a business mixer that same night that is 5 minutes from me.

But Mike Casey would be worth it. It’s just going to to depend on how my schedule ends up that day.