36 year old 2 story deck is toast

This deck is well beyond unsafe:shock:

Leyerle 104 (2).jpg

Leyerle 412.jpg

And what makes you think that??

Did you walk on it? :shock::shock::mrgreen::mrgreen:

That’s a great picture, mind if I copy it for my website???

Brian—not too much reason to walk it:D. You can steal the pic. This 900K house was listed as: “…contemporary home is waiting for the right owner with a passion for remodeling.”:wink:

Hopefully the rain you guys have been getting will help with that remodeling effort :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Hope your doing ok.

I’ve seen some nasty decks, etc. in past H/I’s, but you have mine beat. I hope the rest of the home isn’t that bad. If it is, I hope you didn’t enter.

Charles, with your premission I’d like to use that as well. The credit on my site will include a link to yours - every little bit helps with the search engines.

Sounds like a 6 hour inspection and a 2-3 hour report!:wink:

Do you have pictures of the roof above it, can’t be to good.

I’ve seen some bad decks before but that is really bad.

$900k??? Was there a pile of gold that comes with the house, or maybe 100 acres of land?

Charles, you deal-killer you!

Kenton----actually the deal went ahead----but there is quite the “honey-do” list:D. The decks were a big issue----but they didn’t need me to tell them that. Some times it is location, location, location. There were lots of other issues as well----including two 36 year old gas furnaces. One back drafting so bad the control wiring was melted. Conditions of homes can be pretty poor but if you are planning on a total remodel it doesn’t matter too much what the conditions are. Hopefully the “bones” are still good:D.