3D Forms

I have been working at making several new inspection reports in the program but I seem to be not clicking something I need to. Does anyone have experience making their own templates.

I have no problem using the loaded ones to be changed to what I want but starting from scratch I am screwed.

Thanks for any advice

Ask Chuck! Where have I heard that before.

Anyhoo… I saw some of his templates/comments at the convention… Link Here


Are you compiling your forms once finished in “custom form studios”? If you don’t compile you wont be able work with forms in “Report Writer”. Also…didn’t mention if you were trying to create a “narrative form” or a “graphical form”…narrative style being what you see as a sample report on my website…graphical style being like an old fashion check box style which looks like a preprinted form.


Open Custom Form Studio, right click any form into Form Groups and choose Create New Group, type name of new group and then put your cursor on the form on the far right, right click and drag into Form In Selected Group.
When finished right click your Form Group and Compile Forms to save.

Hope this helps,

I’m not exactly sure what you mean.

In “Custom form studio” are you:

  1. Creating a new form group?
  2. Creating a new form?
  3. Attempting to add to an existing form?

I had a similar problem in the past and am not sure this is what your issue is.

In Custom form studio I was attempting to add to existing forms creating “headings”, “sub-headings” etc under the " forms in selected group" section instead of under the “All available forms” section. I was able to compile & use those forms but the next time I made updates all my previous updates had disappeared.

All changes and updates need to be made under the “All available forms” section for them to stay in the system.

A “Form Group” is a collection of forms from the “All available Forms”. You access and modify that form either from “Forms in Selected Group” or from “All available Forms”. Once you save and “Compile” your good to go.

You can add a Form by dragging and dropping it from “All available Forms” to “Forms in Selected Group”

I am attempting to get an inspection report that will work with HUD inspections I do for Rehabbing homes. I need to add in min standards for a home.