3D Scan - Heads Up!

I was recently contacted by this company to perform a 3d scan of selected properties. After initially thinking this would be a good supplement to my business I’ve decided to decline. I am posting this so other inspectors can determine if it is right for them.

This service offers to do a 3D scan of a residence for appraisal purposes. The service was described to me as only taking an hour. The fee for homes ranging from 1100 sq. ft. to 4000 sq ft. is $75.00. Regardless of size. Regardless of distance.

During the vetting process they company required a background check. Now, not only do I have a relatively recent FBI background check, I have been incorporated for 3 years, have reviews on Angie’s List(or whatever they call it now), and am a member in good standing with InterNachi. Even with all this, my FBI background check was unacceptable.

I agreed to pay for the additional background check, and started getting ID pictures arranged along with w9. During that time my background failed with a notation about SSN#. Now in all fairness I did state that I probably made a typo with the ssn. Well, the process was halted until I paid for yet another background check. That’s when I decided to check out.

This service looks to be good for denser population area like The Front Range, but for areas like the Western Slope, unless your looking to make inroads with local appraisers, the inspector would lose money almost every time.

2 cents worth.

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I wouldn’t get out of bed for $75. I am sure you could find something that paid better.


So why the FBI check? I doubt you had an FBI investigation as these are usually a 1-1.5 year process. Ask me how I know.

Side note is $75 doesn’t get me to look up.

Pay your dues and you’re a qualified member in the highest standard :rofl:


Please list the company name so people can do their own homework.

Btw, they throw out $75 to see if anyone bites. They would probably negotiate. Inspectors get hit up with all types of gig work and that is not a bad thing. Name your price, sometimes they circle back.

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In Grand Junction, there WAS a local inspectors Guild that partnered with the local Real Estate Association. FBI background was necessary to join guild.However, that same year the Real estate association severed ties with the guild(reasons unknown) and the guild dissolved.

From the recruitment the name was " 3D Scan". I felt the fee offered was a joke, but I was hoping to make additional inroad among Appraisers and Lawyers.

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I also thought the fee was miserable, but I was hoping to make inroads among Appraisers and Lawyers.

I found a similar job ad. Pays $50 per home. It also states you can make up to $150 per day. Applicant must provide background check at the cost of the applicant, be willing to work in all types of weather, be willing to travel, have an unlimited data plan and broad band internet service; among other things.

Boy, they are asking a lot for a little. I am curious how this is working out for them?


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