3PM Sat Marketing Webinar

A veteran realtor called me today out of Kansas City to do a inspection for her son. I asked her what about me made me stand out over the others here. Her answer…

IMAGE and Testimonials

I have several asking for a recording of the first marketing webinar we had the other night. I did not record it. So one time only because when I do more FREE webinars it will be over different topics, I will do the marketing webinar live at 4PM Central this Saturday. Please spread the word and tell all you know because I learned a few new tricks that you might want to hear ON TOP of what I already have to say.

Please note tomorrow we will have another interactive marketing webinar. If you missed the first one and would like to hear all the great ideas that was discussed be sure to make it to this one. Time has changed to 4PM central time. I will be testing a new webinar platform out and will have help from professionals so come one come all this event will be live and recorded.