3rd party Clause question

Team, I’m using a 3rd party for WDO, Sewer scopes and radon (for now). Should I add verbiage (cya) inside the agreement? If so would anyone be willing to share with me their actual verbiage? TIA


JEI, Inc. (Jake Edenfield Inspections) does not provide Radon, Mold, Sewer Scope or other ancillary services. These services may be provided by a Third Party Vendor, and are not affiliated with JEI, Inc. blah, blah, blah.

Imo… when it comes to SF residential properties, refer them to the contractor and stay out of it, as you will take some liability no matter what protection you think you have. It’s not worth the few ‘extra’ dollars you are upcharging for managing the process. Even the act of ‘referring’ places some perceived liability on your company.

On larger projects, I hire the contractor as part of my team (1099-NEC) which changes the dynamics of everything.


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Thank you sir. I’m just not good at writing info into the pre agreement. My insurance co said it didn’t NEED to be done but would be nice to have. I appreciate your response.

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I include a WDI inspection with every inspection and offer Radon testing & sewer scopes which I sub out.

My inspection PIA specifically states “this inspection agreement is for the home inspection only”. And as of July 1st a home inspector license will be required to inspect residential properties in Ohio and they require specific language be included in the report and PIA concerning the inspection.

Ancillary services stand on there own.

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