3rd Party Email Username?

I’m working with the default email templates and realized that the 3rd party email template doesn’t have a member username field in the default email – all it does is send them a password. How does a 3rd party log in without a username?



Not sure Charles. But they need to make it a whole lot easier to add additional emails.

I would totally agree with that Charles. I’m here trying to find information on how to add an additional email. I can’t believe it’s so hard…
The client wants me to add their spouses email to the documents. It show up everywhere, except on the list of emails when I go to send them.

TRM settings, you can edit the template and click and add that field along with more selections. You can do a lot of customizing with the emails.

Just did a test. The 3rd party links directly from the email you send the password to.
That part works well.

I see you can add “Membername”. is that the same as Homegauge username?

This would enable the third party to log onto the website as a user?

The 3rd party email feature is for a quick send to someone that you don’t care to record with a time stamp or verification of report delivery. For instance a sub contractor or even a selling agent. That is why a simple password is all you need. It doesn’t track the report sent this way.

We think adding someone is easy so I am puzzled at how we can improve it? To add someone you select the +user button at the uploaded report. There you can set it as a customer or REP and easily add the person.

I found the problem. Someone who didn’t know what they were doing (me) edited the default template and replaced the smart text link with my regular sign in link. When I loaded the default message, all was revealed.

Thanks for some killer software! HomeGauge rocks.