3rd Party Inspection Fee Quoting

How do you all handle the problem of realtor and insurance agents quoting your inspection fees? When I first started out and hungry for biz, all my fees were 250, 300, etc and I was very flexible when a misquote happened. Now I try to make fees difficult to remember, like 324.97 which is helping a little. Seems that when I try to discourage them from quoting prices I lose their business. Would prefer if they would just let customer know that they do not control my inspection fees and refer them to me.

Performed 3 inspections in the last 2 1/2 weeks, but mine “start” at 3k ("start" means they ended up paying more than that for the completed report, ended up being around 21k total).

When nicky gest done teaching you how to be worthless by kissing realtor butt and working harder to make less money, give me a call and I’ll teach you how to work smart instead of hard.

You need to set your fee that you need to be profitable. If a “potential” client claims the agent said you only charge $xxx, inform them the agent doesn’t work for you and has no authority to quote pricing for your company, but to be fair, you will offer the same percentage discount that the agent will discount her/his fee.

LOL…this is exactly what you should do. Doesn’t nicki teach you this? Just offer the realtor free CEU’s, all they need to do is enter your home inspector license number to get it. Well, there’s always the down side…every other inachi member in your area is doing the same thing.

Good luck!

Sounds like you will lose business whether you politely ask the Agents not to quote or when you quote the client your fee and it is higher than the Agent told them it would be. So just quote your fee directly to the potential client and let the chips fall where they might. There is nothing you’ll be able to do beyond quoting the client and explaining why they should retain your services. You’ll either get the job or not!