3rd party inspection of modular home for export


I intend to buy a modular home in the United States and export it to my home country Germany to have it assembled there. We have visited the manufacturing facility in the US and talked about potential business with the manufacturer. They confirmed that they would be able to build according to the German Building Code.

As manufactured homes are usually inspected before they leave the facility, I am looking for a third party inspection company, who could verify that the house was built according to German standard.

Would anyone have an idea to guide me into the right direction?

Thanks so much.

Very interesting question Katja, I will be looking forward to reponses myself.

Where is the manufacturing facility and what are the German standards?

Um yea…East in a big plane…

The question is: Does Germany use the International Building Codes? Chances are they do. If this is the case there may or may not be certain changes they have adopted to various sections. That would be the second question to answer. Most countries have adopted the international building codes, so you may find this to be the case. You would then need to hire not just a home inspector, but one that is certified as a building inspector as well. From that point on the inspection part is very simple. If you have any questions feel free to contact me…

Katjaa I am interested in exporting modular home myself. can you please email me at deeks@aol.com. I have some questions for you that i would like to ask you.