3rd re-inspection at flip rant

I went back to do the 2nd re-inspection(RI) on a flip yesterday. 1st RI had 27 items of which only 8 got completed. 2nd RI of which only 4 more items were completed. I’m looking for completed items done to the minimal industry standards, not scrutinizing the guy’s work by any means. I’ve charged $200 every time I’ve gone out to do a RI.

Both agents are very frustrated I don’t think at me, ok maybe the list agent is a little. I work with both of them regularly and they both bring me about 3-5 inspection per year.

Little nervous about whats going to happen on the 3rd RI.

If you don’t think being a HI is stressful, then give it a minute.haha

It’s flip. At some point, your client needs to realize that the quality is shiit and live with it or walk. Asking the same people who do shiit work to do it again is usually unproductive.

Stop going back until you see copies of paid invoices from Licensed vendors, not “Uncle Bob” and his handyman crew…