April 11 Ok is suppose to be almost subtropical and I had to put up with this crap this morning I sware I am going to South America with the Duff

Would you like to trade?

Hell no but I don’t live in Eskimo country either, I had tomatoes planted already and I say had prolly froze by now

They were threatening us with 15" for the storm total.

They backed off this morning and reduced it to 3-5

This winter has been unusually tenacious.

We need some real global warming. :wink:

HaHa Charlie…I guess. I have family there and its a mess. Back when I called you to get together on an inspection while I was there (Couple Years Ago) the same weather had just dumped. I drove in a rental car for a few hours on sheets of Ice on the highway…UGHH!!!

Good thing I grew up in the area and knew how to drive the conditions and requested additional insurance on the rental.

I hear you Charley, we had that cold front go through here a few days ago…I could see snow on distant mountains…it dipped into the 50’s here in the valley…:smiley:

I didn’t use the heating or cooling though, it was really nice. Supposed to be pushing 90 again the rest of the week…](*,)

My daughter said you got hit. What you doing up on a roof with ice on it?

LOL I guess you fellows just dont live right 78 here.

We have real men in Okla besides I wear spiked golf shoes when there is ice:p;-)

More snow right now. This is getting ridiculous.

Try 8,000 feet. Summer lasts two weeks. More snow this week!!!