4 ecu's, one great evening - submitted by Jacki

Join Nick Gromicko and Keith Swift in Sacramento on Tuesday, Sept. 23rd for an evening devoted to inspection and asset protection, marketing, brotherhood and fun.

There will naturally be some free stuff and one lucky person will go home with a new TomTom GPS.

This is a chance for all the California members to meet Nick and Keith, have an educational and entertaining evening and earn a few education credits.

Get the details here http://www.calnachi.org/id115.html

PS. Thanks Gerry B. for bringing Keith into the 21st century. He loves the TomTom you gave him so much, that he ran out and bought one to give away at the class. ( I guess you got him hooked)



Too funny Jacki, at least he will be able to find his way to Sacramento :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :wink:

Next time I’m out there I’ll teach him where to put the coal in so his doesn’t run out of steam :wink:

BTW have a great time, I wish I could be there :frowning: