4 FREE books

[FONT=Arial][size=2][size=4]4 FREE books

[FONT=Arial][size=2] Order four (4) books right now, and get them for free. You pay the shipping and handling costs: ($20 U.S; $35 Canada). The 4 books are free. You’ll receive your 4 free books via FedEx in about 4 days (U.S.) with tracking numbers emailed to you as they progress to their destination.

Order four (4) FREE books right now at http://www.nachi.org/now.htm. In the COMMENT section of the order form, be sure to type “BEN - 4 free books - don’t charge me for the books - just the shipping.”

This offer expires Monday August 31st.[/size][/FONT]


Why would I want to pay $5 each for a $2 book?

Essentially that $5 book includes packing and shipping to anywhere you are - which is a great deal for those who want to try it out.
Try it out. 4 free books.

You can ship them via USPS media mail in 6 days for $3.55 for a 4 lb. package from your location to mine.

Been there, done that.
U.S. Postal Service was used for my first edition. I’ll never use them again (as requested by my customers.) I have many pictures that my customers sent me of my books smashed, thrown, torn, and damaged at their arrival.

My customers get the best, most excellent delivery with FedEx. Fully-automated. Shipped same day as ordered. Only 2 to 4 days delivery. With tracking numbers as they progress to their destination.

Excellent book, excellent service.

The book is great I have been using them with good success.

You can also use USPS flat rate boxes($10.35) or envelopes($4.95)(4 lb. limit for envelope) for much lower shipping fees and the boxes are free.

Again, no thanks.

I price shopped (like you are) and it didn’t work out.

Mail delivery - you can’t go price shopping. Most home inspectors know that.

USPS boxes are great for throwing and kicking! :slight_smile: Ha!

I want the books to actual get there in one piece.

Excellent book, excellent delivery service.

I get these boxes often with no problems.

Amazon ships tons of these.

Give people a choice.

I love FedEx and UPS for service but they are not necessary for printed materials that are not needed immediately.

I understand. If it were only that simple, Michael.

I’m in this business of writing, printing, selling, & shipping books to inspectors.
It’s amazing how many inspectors need books … TOMORROW!
When it absolutely, positively has to be there - don’t go postal. :slight_smile:

I think this is the ultimate BOOK deal.
4 free books, free display, free shipping - http://www.nachi.org/book-displays.htm

I agree with you Ben for those that don’t plan ahead.

But others would appreciate more options.

Good idea.
In a few days, I’ll send everyone an INTERNACHI BOOK SALE email.
There will be plenty of books and options, includingthis one. And lots of free stuff.


I do not order anything that has to come by FedEx. That company is a big joke.

I get great service from Fedex.

What’s wrong with FedEx? I use them, and I’d like to know.

Sorry…but thats a great marketing tool for selling those books Ben…Free Shipping!!! Thats almost Ebay worthy.

To each there own.

No need to apologize.

A significant amount of my book orders are in quantities of 1 to 5 books. I’ve had many people order only 1 book plus shipping and handling. That’s odd.

I guess they simply want to see a few books in their own hands.

Now they can. Without paying for them.

**The “4 free books” offer **is for those who want to see a few books, without paying for them.

I’d gladly take the money - but for now - I’m giving away 4 BOOKS FOR FREE.

It’s a big, heavy book. For only $2.





I was about to order some more books today but I don’t see any shipping options besides FedEx.

At $1.70 per book and $35 shipping for 40 books it looks pricey to me.

Where are the other options?

No other options. We tried USPS and it didn’t work out, even though on small orders they provide the boxes for free.

The shipping charge is exactly our cost (the box(s) + the packing material + packing + labeling + FedEx charge).