4 mock inspections questions

Is there anywhere on the site i can see a sample of the inspections. With the format the site wants us to use. i found a you tube video internachi posted but its from years ago and the format has changed. theres no option now to include pictures. the format seems very vague and i want to make sure im doing it correctly

Welcome to the community, Jason. Good luck with all your endeavors.

Jason, the reason the outline is so vague, is because it allows you to express how you report.

Items to inspect and report on: The report trifecta rule. Observations - Recommendations - Limitations.

Here’s what you inspect. Roofing - Exterior - Structure - Heating - Cooling - Insulation - Plumbing - Interior.

Observations: 3 Tab Shingles. Slight tab curling. Wide slots.
Recommendations: A licensed roofing contractor service the roof prior the onset of winter or within one year. Whichever comes first.
Limitations: Inspected from the grounds and street. Images taken with a Sony DSC-H400 Digital Camera with 63x Optical Zoom.
Observations:Lot slope: Away from the building. Shrubs to close to the building.
Recommend: Remove planting in contact with the building.
Gutters and downspout type and discharge point:
Aluminum- Eave mounted. Above grade. Soffit/Fascia. Aluminum. No adverse conditions observed the day of the inspection.

Sample reports Carson Dunlop Horizon.

Good luck.

Jason; Report writing is just as important a skill to master as the actual on site inspection process. What Robert said is true; Description, Observation, Recommendation, Limitations. Recognize there are basically two ways to report; one is room by room, the other is by system (electrical, plumbing, structural, roof, interior components, etc). Each has its own advantages and inspectors prefer either format for their own reasons. Go to some of the software web sites and take a look at sample reports to view and understand the various options.

Actually, I and many others disagree…