4 Point and Federal Pacific Panels

I carry a utility knife for that purpose and also for attic access hatches that have not been opened.

I do too, was just griping about it. But have seen the screws so thick with paint it was virtually impossible without some cosmetic issues.

A serrated knife removes the paint in the screw slots very easily. :wink:

That’s my point. I hate to mess up a nice paint job:mrgreen:

A paint job that shouldn’t have been done in the first place.:wink:

I tell the homeowner that if I don’t remove it, I will recommend in the report that it is removed prior to closing and that the individual who does remove it, may not be as gentle as I am.

I learned my lesson with a painted-over panel several years ago. The panel had just been painted over, and the paint job looked very nice. I decided not to open it, and explained why to the client. About 3 months later, got a call from the buyer - now new homeowner… had a small electrical fire - seems several double taps had heated up and melted 2 wires. He was nice and wasn’t upset… he admitted he had not wanted me to ruin the paint. From then on, I always open a panel if it is accessible.