4 Point - Electrical

Are we required to mention abandoned knob and tube wiring that is present? The house has been fully updated.

If they are not connected-to power and the house was fully re-wired NO. I know others may say otherwise, but we had multiple meetings in the past with major carriers and this happens to be one of the issues talked about and the answer was the same all around No.

Why wouldn’t you mention it? I know that we don’t do code inspections, but, abandoned wiring is required to be removed.
I agree it probably doesn’t rise to the level of a defect, but indicating that it was observed may not be bad, right?

If the ends are capped I don’t see a problem.

mention it with a note that it was not in use

I mention in my home inpection report but not on a 4 point as Joe confirmed.

My report says “Active Knob and Tube Wiring”. If it is not active, I don’t mention it.

I second that, I don’t see a issue