4-Point fillable citizens form with image upload

Is there one out there? seems that there is a paper copy but they want images uploaded with. Is there software or at least a forms that is fillable and able to upload images.


Email me and I’ll send it to you.


Thank you


Thank you

No! You email me :grinning:

Im not sure why me sending you my email won’t work for you?

Because if I have your email then it’s easy for me to reply back to you with the Form

And because I’m lazy.
If you don’t want to do it you don’t get the form. I created it myself. And it takes many hours to do that.

You have my email. But thanks for being that guy. sorry I inconvenienced you.

No problem I’m on my phone and it’s hard to do emails from here. If you want to I will send you the fillable wind mit as well. Just ask for it on the email you send me if you want it

What guy is that? I don’t understand.

That would be great thanks. Any help would be appreciated. Hard to get started sometimes as I’m sure your aware.

Its been over 40 years when I got started. But I’m here willing to help you. Call me if you’d like. I will always have my phone on the side of me if you have any questions if you have any Questions during or after an inspection. 38644541584

I’m back at the office now, but I haven’t received your email.

Because HE’S that kind of guy!


Does he? Does he really?
That’s what makes YOU that guy!

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The guy that would like to see a little effort on the part of the requestor who wants help free of charge.


Admittedly, Roy handled that better than I would.

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Software is like home inspections. You get what you pay for. Our WindSurance software is the most popular wind mitigation and four-point software in Florida. It is 100% Citizens compliant. It is easy to use. It is reasonably priced, but not it is not free.

I have already apologized to Roy personally and now I would like to apologize to the group. I was having a bad day and nothing was going right for me and I was very unprofessional in my response. Not only was I “that guy”. I was a a**hole. It’s stressful starting a new business all alone. I do appreciate all the help I get through this forum. I just made a huge mistake.