4-point for mobile homes

Have a buyer asking about a four point for a mobile home older than thirty years. Are four points asked for mobile homes? I’ve heard both ways but mostly that they are not required. Do you guys do them, just want a little more info, thanks!!

I have never done one on a mobile home. I have done roof certifications on them.

I have not but do whatever a client ask for “almost” I also have done roof certs.

I’ve done a few 4pts and many roof certs, but WM’s are not allowed on mobile homes. Depends on the carrier, and 30 yrs is not always the deciding factor. They are done the same as on a SFR or condo. If the buyer is asking for this and not the carrier, they may be substituting the 4pt for a home inspection.

I’ve done many.

Like Roy said, done many of them. They have the same four components as a regular house.

Like Roy and Wayne said, I’ve done many of them. Watch out for FPE and Polybutylene.

All the time…Just did one in Clearwater. 3rd one this year.

Mobile homes are governed under the department of transportation and not the Florida Building Code. There are certain elements that are not covered under home inspections.

What standard of practice are you following when you inspect a mobile home?

Any one can get a course passed. It still does not allow a home inspector to do a mobile home inspection under that license. Pass it off as such and try and defend your disclaimer in a court of law.

Yes it does in Florida.

Please tell us who can do it then

Nick !
He doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Mobile homes must be installed in accordance with the Florida Administrative Code. I am willing to bet no one has read those rules. And only an engineer can certify that the straps were installed properly. But to guys like Roy Lewis - happy inspecting. Sooner or later you will miss something and get sued. When you do, let me know, especially if you are going to court. I want to be there.

So…Are you saying that a licensed mobile home installer is not certified, acceptable, authorized, or allowed to certify that straps are installed properly?:shock:

Call your local D.O.T. cop he will sign off on it:roll:

NO they are not. It still has to be inspected by a FL licensed Engineer to issue the letter. Now, the caveat to that is, Engineers can legally hire inspectors to go out and do those inspections for them as long as they are trained in what the current requirements and guidelines are. These on site inspectors typically just take photos, measurements and fill out a (god forbid) checklist form, send all of it to the Engineers and they then determine if any upgrades need to be made.

Four Point


No where on any four pt form I have done has it asked me to look at the tie down’s

The tie-down inspection is separate from any mobile home or insurance inspection. I have heard that it is required to be on file for a property to be classified as “Real Property” for the lender. And, yes it does need to be certified by an engineering firm who do hire non-engineers to do the on site inspection. Never really got into it myself so don’t quote me.