4 Point inspection agreement?

When doing a 4 Point Insurance Inspection, should I be concerned with a pre-inspection agreement of any type??

Are you using www.nachi.org/4point.htm ?


Yes I am using the NACHI form.

I only see a Life expectancy question on the roof. Other inspectors have said I must give Life expectancies for the HVAC, Plumbing and Electric also.

If that is true why does the form not ask that question?

Could you clear this up for me?

Thanks for all you and the members of NACHI are doing!

Jason Tormo

Yes. I spoke with Citizens head today by phone. The www.nachi.org/4point.htm is the form they want exactly. They worked with me for months in designing it and it took much effort on their end to get all the approvals.

The other inspectors you spoke with are incorrect.

We did have a problem today with Citizen’s Jacksonville / Tampa Call Center not knowing which form is correct but Lisa and I worked throughout the day to get them back on track.

The InterNACHI form is the correct one. www.nachi.org/4point.htm

FYI, more insurance companies are looking at getting the 4 point inspection and even some mortgage companies as well. Some of these companies are requesting different details on the report other than what’s in the NACHI form. You have to stay on top of it. This is where having the “comments on” section comes in handy so you can add these little details if needed. Remember, keep it simple. Insurance companies aren’t looking for a lot of details, just that it’s there, it works, and how old it is. They don’t care about having it further investigated or anything along that line.

Thanks, I appreciate your help!

Jason Tormo