4-point inspection course is more hours than the full pre-licensing one?

So I just passed my state exam for my home inspector license, and I’m planning on getting my 4-point, wind mitigation, WDO, and pools and spas certs. I noticed that the amount of course hours for the InterNACHI 4-point inspection certification course go like this:

Advanced HVAC: 60hrs
Advanced Electrical: 30hrs
Water Heaters: 26hrs
General Roof: 35hrs

Total hrs: 151hrs

I was pretty surprised by this, considering the entire course for the full home inspection license is only 120 hours. Isn’t conducting a 4 point inspection a lot simpler than a full home inspection? Why does the 4 point course consists of significantly more hours than the pre-licensing one when it only covers 4 systems?

Sorry if this post comes across as me complaining, I’m just genuinely curious what’s up with that.

Technical Details

You’re looking at clock hours not credit hours. For example the water heater course is 26 clock hours but only like 4 CE I believe. For your license the state requires 120 hours but if you went though the courses you know it’s not referring to 120 clock hours rather 120 credit hours. It obviously takes a lot more than 120 clock hours to go through every course required for licensing.

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Ahh ok that makes a lot more sense, it took me a lot more than 120 hours to do the whole pre-licensing course as you say. I was definitely confusing the clock hours and credit hours. Thanks for the clarification!

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