4 point inspection-service panels

Question- Should FPE and Zinsco service panels be reported as potentialy hazardous in an insurance 4 point inspection?
As you know the purpose of these type inspections is to limit the risk involved to insurance carriers prior to issuance of the policy.
These inspections are limited in scope and I’m not sure if this information is harmful or helpful to the person who may have the authority to approve or deny the coverage.
I recently did an inspection of an early 1970’s constructed home. It had an FPE main service. All the breakers were labeled AL/CU. There was NO solid strand aluminum wiring at the panel. There was multi-strand AL wiring to 240V breakers.
Thanks for info.

“Don’t ask - don’t tell.”

If they don’t ask for the information, don’t tell them.

I agree.
The lovely insurance industry will take any route to deny a policy or claim these days. Why give them more ammunition than they ask for?

Yeah…I would say in this case it is a prime example of if the FPE still looks fine and in neat order…with no other signs of problems, arcing or scorching…I would let the sleeping dog lay until the buyer actually gets a FULL home inspection done then let the HI surface the issue if needed.

Thanks guys for opinions. I didn’t call it. Doing these 4 points I think the KISS, (keep it simple stupid), approach is best. Unless there is a glaring safety issue involved, too much detail would probably be wasted on the ins. clerk/individual reading the report. And may alarm them and then perhaps deny coverage to the homeowner unnecessarily.