4 point inspection

I have been Hired to perform a four point inspection for a client in New Orleans and while I am Confident I can do a great inspection for him I am unfamiliar with the 2006 residential code requirements. In other words, if the electrical panel passes all criteria but maybe is missing a blank does it pass the 2006 code? Or say the panel is great except missing the neutral bus bar ground? Does that alone mean it doesn’t meet 2006 code? I have done many home inspections successfully but have not done a four point. It is filling out the form correctly that concerns me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

							Mike Adams LHI#11008

Mike your 4 point is not a code inspection unless I’m missing something here.
You would simply list all deficiencies in what you described that are safety issues/hazards.

First of all thank you for responding. The four point form that you must fill out has ''Does this meet 2006 residential code requirements" above each of the four systems. I can successfully inspect the components of the four systems but am unaware of whether or not it meets the code requirements. In other words if I find absolutely no issues it will pass but if I find that it is a new panel say, but has some minor issue do I check the NO box the it in fact does not meet the code?

I would think if there is an issue then it would not meet code.
The question is when was the place built & can you find permits
after 2006 denoting code compliance on the 4 systems.
Send me the address I can do a permit search with the BulidFax system I subscribe to.
**Down here they simply ask if the system is in good working order.

What insurance company is asking for the 4 point?