4 point inspections Florida using blue prints for clips

An Insurance company contacted me asking me to sign off on a house having clips on a house I did a 4-point inspection on just by seeing the blue prints when it was built in 2000. Would this be acceptable? I was under the impression if you don’t see it with your own two eyes and picture it then you shouldn’t sign the form as if you did. Please advise. I hope I worded this correctly. Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry insurance jerk, I will only report on what I visually see.
Have a nice life bye-bye :cowboy_hat_face:


Thank You for the quick response. That’s basically what I told him, of course he says the insurance board approves this method. I am not comfortable doing it for liability reasons and don’t want to commit insurance fraud. etc. So I wasn’t planning on assisting in this. But needed some insight on this for sure.

I would sure like to see this document where the insurance board approves this method.

No it isn’t.
It needs a wind mit.

The only thing acceptable is the insurance jerk submit the form & stop the tantrum.

Florida Statute 627.711 authorizes me to produce the 1802 form by way of my licensure, what it does not do is give insurance agents the authority to question my techniques or not accept my form. FSS 627.711 states unequivocally that the “insurer shall accept as valid” any form signed by an authorized wind mitigation inspector. By not accepting my form, you are in violation of state law. Make no mistake, I am the construction professional here, not you.

As a licensed professional, authorized by state law, I decide what the findings are by using specific recognized construction standards and the required training of my licensure. If you do not accept my form I will report you to the proper authorities as in violation of the law by way of not accepting a legal document from a licensed, authorized, inspector simply because you don’t agree with the outcome.

“Shall accept as valid” means required and not optional.


Citizens Insurance accepts “Blueprints – If nailing pattern details provided”.

If the inspector is unable to gain attic access or view features, you can:
• Provide blueprints showing clear details of attachments used including nailing pattern


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THANKS Michael.
I hope the carrier is Citizens.

Thank You for this, This is what the agent sent me as well. I just am not overly comfortable with it, but if it is accepted then I could if I choose fill the form out and state this as the premise on which I checked the clips box. Which should cover me on the issue.