4 Point Inspections for Realtor


I have a meeting scheduled for next week with a realtor I have been working with for a few years now. They are interested in offering inspections for their clients that list with them but are not interested so much in a whole inspection. They are looking for something narrower in scope. In this case this would make them my client and to best meet their needs would it make sense/be ethical to use a 4 point inspection as my basis for this request?

A 4 point inspection involves n inspection of the house’s roof, HVAC, and electrical and plumbing systems, but is typically used for insurance purposes.

I know that Ontarioachi has essentially denounced them and said they are not really of official standing in Canada as of yet.

Any advice would be helpful.

I do them for pre-listing homes in Florida.
I am doing one for 7 duplexes/14 units next week for a buyer/investor.

For this purpose, I call them “major systems”.


As our market has really changed for the worse during the pandemic , after a long time refusing to do a smaller inspection, I recently started with great success. I do them with a much smaller report, less money of course, but much more money per hour. My concern as most people had been that they would hurt my full price inspections, it has not, actually I am getting full price inspections from the same clients, on different homes of course…If you want further details email me info@inspectnb
com, I can send you reports to show what I have done.