4-Point Inspections - Plumbing

Tower Hill requires photos of the piping under all sinks

Subject property is missing valve handles at all water sources in the bathrooms and kitchen

Question: Do you call this out in the body of the report - or do you let your photos do the talking on this one?

Just send the photos. You make up your report as you see fit. There is no uniform 4 point form.

Include the pictures they ask for and tell them what you feel is necessary.

Remember to fight like hell to keep it up to you what goes in your inspections. Always fight those who are for standardization.

They would probably be for it for ulterior motives. They might give themselves some titles and proclaim themselves experts and start making money qualifying more folks for you to compete with.

I use a modified Approved Nachi Form, yes. I have also ALWAYS included pictures, and it has not killed me yet. We only did 21 last week.


ohhh and I do charge more than the meeker special of $40. :stuck_out_tongue:

yes you should note it in the report…also the shut offs at toilets.
If the supply line from shut off is PEX I would note that as well.
If the shut offs are severely corroded I would include that.
I would suggest a version of the widely approved NACHI 4 point form

And do not forget a pic of the washer hoses as well.

I am for it and not for any ulterior motives. Simply to know what pictures or information all insurance companies want. “KISS”