4 point insurance inspection (tOWER hILL)

I just got this email from an insurance company:roll::

Good Afternoon John,
I am not sure if you do any 4-point inspections for homeowners that currently have their insurance with Tower Hill Insurance or are looking to purchase coverage with Tower Hill but effective 6/1/11, they are requiring additional photos of certain items be submitted with the 4-point inspection. Please see below:

Color photographs of the following must be included with the 4-point inspection documents:

*** Electrical box with door open, to show interior of box **
*** Washing machine plumbing **
*** Water heater, to show photo of pressure relief valve **
*** Plumbing under all sinks (kitchen, bathroom, utility, garage, etc.) **
*** Roof **
*** HVAC unit **

I thought this might be helpful. Again, thank you for the referrals that you send our way and please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of further assistance.

**What is up with this upcoming new requirement:roll:? Nick are you aware of this requirement? I guess the price will go up again…:roll: **

Thanks for sharing. Good Info.

I hope for their sake their customers state this before we do their inspections.

A dumbed down version of a home inspection…

Maybe some of you were right…100 dollar home inspections by the end of the year.

Just think the market has been flooded with thousands of instant “professionals” that can do it all. Licensing is the reason the masses now have credibility. Yeah Licensing :slight_smile:

We have always included pictures with four points.

I have always included pictures in the report but all sinks and washing machine is a bit over board,

front, rear, roof, meter, main panel- open cover and no cover, water heater, A/C unit, Heater, defects

The problem with stuff like this is each insurer rolls their own requirements and we will end up with customers who think we did it wrong. How do we know in advance what will be acceptable? I always take photos too, but have never photoed the washing machine connections unless there was a defect.

Good info thanks for sharing.

Only item new is the washing machine plumbing. Most of my 4 points include 18-24 pics without deficiencies.

Thank you for the info.

Or- maybe all the bottom feeders should raise their prices for 4pts. due to the extra work. Just a thought.

I think mike had a good point. People a going way above and beyond for an insurance company. They just keep wanting and wanting and wanting. If they want, than pay. I will send 1000 photos if the pay is commensurate with services offered.

What do you charge for 1000 photos with commentary? The problem is the insurance companies are requiring this crap and the poor old lady on a fixed income has to pay for it. She calls for the inspection from a qualified vendor who does a job which previously was adequate but now gets rejected because the ins. co. changed their mind about what would suffice. This crap is getting deep and OIR seems to have lost it’s purpose.


These inspections have always always required a picture of the front and rear of the home, nothing more. Because some of you have decided to add more than is required, the are now requiring more and more of us. You all brought this on yourselves by exceeding what was originally required. Now we are going to have to live with it or not do the inspections at the low cost that everyone has created.

The OIR is a JOKE. They do not care or accept any responsibility for anything they are involved with.

This will continually change until the state decides to standardize the report. T.H. is not the only carrier that is being more critical. I wouldn’t be surprised if Citizens starts requiring a more detailed explanation of why a carrier is denying policy coverage considering the intent to reduce their overall exposure and Gov. Fire Marshall Bill’s energy behind shifting the business to the private sector.