4 Point - Label Pictures of Not?

I currently label every picture and don’t have issues with reports being kicked back.

Is anyone having good success with no picture labels at all? Any issues with no labels?

I have never ever ever ever labeled one and never ever ever had a problem.

Well maybe once or twice if I thought the folks could not figure it out.

Waste of time. If underwriters do not know what they are looking at for proof then they should not be doing that job.

Most good inspectors use captions on their photos, especially when describing a defect or hazard. MM doesn’t however.

LOL…just spit coffee all over my computer…

I work efficiently and do not do more than needed on INSURANCE INSPECTIONS.
Home Inspections or Consultations are a different story I go above and beyond.

Doing so on 4 Points normally SCREWS the person paying you.

Labeling a hazard makes sense because it falls outside the normal set if pictures. But right now I’m writing:

2005 Rheem water heater - comment here

2001 2-ton Trane condenser - heat pump


As I get busier, I’d like to stop doing unnecessary things!

My pictures are pre-labeled and the deficiencies are auto populated on the four-point from the home inspection report.

It takes no extra time and I can charge more…

Are you mobile yet?

How is that done?

Only for 2 years…

A lot of work writing the software…:wink:

I do not label any photos in a four point inspection. Have never once been asked to label them.

Me either. Some folks just have nothing better to do I guess.

Are you not supposed to follow the same standards of practice on the roof, electrical, plumbing, and AC that you follow on a home inspection? So what would be considered going above and beyond?

I label mine. Only takes seconds with fast finger typing on the tablet. That way if there is ever a question about something they can reference the photo by the label over the phone and I know what they are talking about. Only had it happen about twice. An underwriter called to tell me I left out the roof to wall connection. I had her read off the photos, it was there just called it a truss connection and she had no idea that’s what it was. :mrgreen:

There are not Standards of Practice for a 4 point inspection, You just answer the questions and take photos asked for no where on for does it ask you to label them… Most inspectors make up their own forms some use citizens. some do both and upsell the Citizens one :slight_smile:

Are you saying that if you work with a home inspectors license that there are no standards to follow? If you are a contractor are things any different? Are you supposed to report deficiencies. According to the citizens and NACHI form you are. So what do you inspect ir not inspect?

Case in point. Just finished a home inspection where the four point was fine two days earlier. According to the four point there was not one deficiency in the report. The roof had missing shingles, exposed nails, high nails, the sheathing was exposed in one area, yet none of this was on the report. The electrical system had outlets with no grounds, reverse polarity, and faulty GFCI outlets. Not a mention on the report. There was a previous leak under one of the bathroom sinks and the other bathroom sink drain was leaking like a sieve. Yet no mention.

How Sam one thing show up on a home inspection but not in a four point? Especially if you you the NACHI or citizens form. I await an answer from you and others.

Well, as it stands right now, I’m basically double commenting. In the main written portion of the 4 Point I will write my answers - “2003 4-Ton Trane Condenser (Heat Pump)” and under the picture, I’m doing the same. Sounds like I could scale back my picture comment to “AC Condenser” without a problem.

I always label my photos, just like Wayne stated it takes seconds, It makes your reports look good, agents are looking for good reports when they refer inspectors. I have always labeled my photos, as coming from the insurance inspection field it was always second nature to label photographs,

Not only you have to think, when your clients look at the report it stops you from getting unnecessary phone calls… "what is this thing you took a photo of??"

Exactly. It’s ok to inform people of what you were doing and providing even if for somebody at the insurance co who may not know. It could be their first day on the job. Lets make the world a better place one inspection at a time.

You know what? I do not even get those phone calls because I point out everything and talk to the clients on site :slight_smile: Generally as I find the problems. while I move along I suggest possible solutions and how the insurance companies may react to the answers. Multi-Tasking. Also a real good reason to get paid upon arrival because sometimes they realize they are in a world of hurt. It tends to keep them calmer once they have paid and even more considerate as they really want any advice you may be able to provide them to help. If they pay for at the end you run the risk of them telling you to piss off then they fix the stuff and call someone else. Just my $.02

How come they do not have a cents symbol on computers?