4 Point - Leaks

Many forms ask about “evidence of active leaks.”

How are you assessing this on a 4 Point?

-Just looking at roof/soffit for obvious leaks?
-Checking interior ceilings
-Moisture meter in house?
-inspecting sheathing in attic?

How far do we go for a 4 point?

How would you determine a leak during a home inspection and what would you write. Same thing applies to the 4 point

For me, I don’t do stand alone 4-points often, and when I do, they are complete home inspections of the four areas on the form.
To address your question, I would perform a complete roof inspection. Soffits, fascia, attic, roof covering, etc…
That goes for the other areas of the form as well.

Wow, that’s half way to a full inspection. My area’s going rate for four points is $85. Hmmm…

And now you know why I rarely do them. My price is 350.

I also do them the way I do, because in the event of a lawsuit, I can state that I performed the inspection conforming to the State SoP for home inspections and since the four areas of inspection on a 4-point are located at a home, it makes sense to inspect them just like you would for a home inspection.

The other reason is, that I know of some who just walk around and look at things and the 4-point comes out “clean”. That is great until the insurance company sends out their guy…

I sent you some info in priv’ msg.

Welcome to Meekers Florida

What the hell does that mean?

Not a chance in hell I do them for that.

Try Don Meyler land…


Yeah we know I do a ton of them.

Do you do a free wind mit with your walk and talk? :wink:

And, on older homes that require a 4-point, how does that work with your walk and talks? :mrgreen:

Inquiring minds want to know…:roll:

One other thing, you won’t even get me to get in the Durango for that amount of money.

You need to educate your potential clients on exactly what a four-point is and what is required. Then you can charge accordingly.

I have heard that a case was recently settled regarding a wind mit and the fact that it is a code inspection. How long until the same thing happens with four-points?

I hope those doing the 85 dollar, cursory inspections have good insurance…they are going to need it.

ala cart baby :slight_smile: It is about MAKING money. Not giving it away. Only reason they are currently free with a written home inspection is because I charge so much. Also why I do not get them.

Kinda like his $40 wind mit specials

Yeah I do a ton of them as well, Tool.