4 Point on property with detached garage Apartment

This is a first for me. Have a 4-point next week on a house with a detached garage that has an apartment above it. How do you go about this on the form? Do you do two separate reports or does everything go on the same form and I can just state on the photos whether it was the house or the detached apartment?

If it’s a separate address, it will need it’s own form/report.

Otherwise, best to add the extra components (HVAC, panel, W/H, etc.) or at the least, collect the data in case the underwriter asks for it later.

I have had a couple of those, and the insurance said they only needed the main report. But, as Dom stated, best to take all the pics just in case.
I would probably just add the pics of the apartment in the exterior pictures, and see if they come back to you.
Unless you see anything safety or potential claim related, better to just add those for your own liability.