4 Point Photos - What do you include?

No BUT I always thought it was required and if you read what I said I said have the picture not put it in the report. Like I said you have to pull the cover anyhow to inspect might as well have a photo to cover YOUR A S S . I took pictures for wind mits way before they were requires but I did not provide them. They were for my records.

Oh I get pictures of EVERYTHING - but is is the practice of providing more than is required that causes more to be required - surely you have heard the old adage - “Every day do a little more than is required and soon a little more will be required”.

Insurance companies love pictures, it lets them be nit-picky on what they are going to or not going to insure. When I do a 4-Point inspection I take about 25-30 Photos depending on the size of the house. I like to CYA to avoid kickback.

That is the problem with giving the pricks more than asked for :slight_smile: Some just can’t see it or are too deep in the pricks back pocket to care.

On the Citizens form, there are certain “required” pictures and there are “all” deficiency pictures. That is what I provide.
The only extra pictures are the ones that Tower Hill requires. I incorporated that so that I wouldn’t have to fill out yet another form.

I seem to remember someone saying a long time ago, “We need a unified standard four-point form”…and that person was ridiculed…
Now, we have a multitude of forms, some, the State Farm form in particular, that are a mini home inspection.

Maybe everyone should have listened to that “someone”! :wink:

How do you figure the “Panel Age”? Or the age of anything like plumbing …ect?
If it is original do you just use the year the home was built?

I also list the pics we include as a list




Wake Up People. See the Light.

Standardization and licensing SUCKS and ONLY HURTS ALL.

It takes away our uniqueness and makes one guy no differtent from another in the clients eyes. I hear time and time again why should I pay you more for this or that. I Fortunately can say because I AM A CERTIFIED MASTER INSPECTOR but many cannot and if the form is the same and you all have the same piece of paper from the state saying you are equally qualified to do something why would you pay more for a standardized form?

I have been taking the required pictures on your list. I haven’t had one problem yet. I use the forms you supplied us with and the agents say they love the reports. I have no reason to change.

No reason at all if you enjoy doing 2 X what is necessary have fun :slight_smile:

Seriously look at the Citizens form then at the Nachi form and tell me it is not way more work that is NOT REQUIRED by anyone and then explain to me why you would do it.

Saying your agents like it is like you giving me a hamburger verses giving me a 1 1/2" Porterhouse. Of course I like the porterhouse more. Here is the kicker how does it benefit the people that pay you bills?

Okay, so for my baseline pics I plan to get:

4 Elevations
3 Roof
All under sink plumbing
Laundry connections
Water heater & TPR valve
Panel open & cover off
HVAC units & data plates
fuel tanks

Has any insurance company asked you for anything not on this list?

Not me. Get water heater plate in shot.

I also get the house number if not clearly visible in the front elevation photo. WH data plate is needed for dating. Electrical panel shots should include door open (label clearly visible) with cover on, cover off, main breaker (closeup), any hazards (closeup). I had one carrier that wanted better clarification on pool barrier fencing and gates, so I try and get the gates or screen enclosure in the elevation shots. My roofs are usually pretty cut up and require more than 3 overall shots to get all applicable roof coverings. Note any repairs that have already been done on the roof with closeup photos. Most of my reports have at least 16 photos, some more than that.

What happens when you include pool shots in the report and they were not requested then you client gets a call saying they have to spend money?

I say feel free to take them but you sure do not want to include them.

Ya really want to piss off a client include a picture of a trampoline :slight_smile:

The carriers use google earth to look for trampolines, don’t see too many of those anymore. I had one last week with a slide at the pool, right next to the back wall…no way to “photo around” that one. This morning I had a new flat roof with a lot of ponding water on it. I know I will get a call from the agent about it.

After the insured is quoted on a price and pays for the premium. The insurance company will send a underwriting inspector out to document any pools, trampoline hazards and ect…

What happens when bla bla bla…?

The purpose of the inspection is to make the client aware of the current deficiencies as well as other items. As someone else pointed out, another inspector may come along and make you look like the fool…

Do it right the first time…no worries…

Right is what is required.

Screwing your clients because you are a dumb a s s and give a company info they did not request and then they use against your client makes you a fool.

Doing what is requested or required can in no way be incorrect.

Using google earth for confirmation of existing conditions is ridiculous.

Yep very LIKELY not the current conditions :slight_smile: But what the hell do I know…