4 point: Plumbing life expectancy???

One of my agents recieved an email from the underwriter, saying that one of my 4 points has a problem.
According to the agent, the 4 point was rejected because “life expectancy on the plumbing must be minimum 5 years”.

I am looking at the report. I find no issues with the plumbing. Copper, PVC, new water heater(less than 1 year), shut off valves, etc.

Has anybody come upon anything like this?

I really don’t feel comfortable using my crystal ball to predict the plumbing life expectancy of a 37 year old house.

Where does it ask for the life of the plumbing? Just ask what they are looking for. They will love you for solving the problem.

Not sure.
They are supposed to forward me the email, so I can try and figure out what’s in their minds.

The water heater age would come off the water ser#.
The only other thing would be - Recent plumbing upgrades? Year?
For this I just list what I find. If all I found was a 2009 water heater and what looked like relatively new shut off valves at the toilets I would ask the homeowner if they replaced them recently.
Plumbing upgrades? Yes
Water heater - 2009.
Toilet shut off valves - 2005 per homeowner.

Plumbing upgrades? yes, new water heater, Jan. '10
shut off valves present? Yes

I am beginging to believe that someone at the underwriters, is not properly intune with the 4 point.

this works

Plumbing upgrades?- Yes, year unknown, no docs on site but with in the 5-10 years

We’ve been providing life expectancy - when asked - based on the industry standard (we call our local plumber)
Nick also posted a list of industry standard life expectancies that is really pretty good.
Replacing the water heater - or even the sink faucets - is in itself a plumbing update.

But I agree - who ever the agent was that asked for a " system wide" life expectancy doesn’t know what they are talking about. They most likely want to know the remaining life of the water heater and just don’t know how to ask.
It’s like those agents who ask how many breakers there are in the main panel but don’t care if they are main breakers or branch circuit breakers.