4-Point software from Spectacular

Hey Floridians… Spectacular now includes the ability to generate the 4-Point inspection report from the home inspection report. Simply turn on the 4-Point switch and generate the report. That’s it. There’s no longer a need to create a smaller version of the same report via another template, library, 4-Point form or PDF writer. You’ve already done the inspection. Spectacular will filter the 4 points for you and give you the report.

Check out our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=(https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9nblggh5x1g5?ocid=badge)

Could be a cool feature, but your video showed a heck of lot of fiddling around to condense or tweak the output. I think a PDF filler or similar takes less time than hiding photos, removing graphics, etc. Maybe I’m wrong, just an observation based on the demo.


Agreed. A properly designed fillable PDF form will take much less time to prepare. And, Insurance agents prefer a consistent format for each report they receive, i.e. an approved form. They do not want half of a home inspection.

I can fill out my Citizens 4pt form template and add pictures faster than that. Like Brad said the agents like the consistency of the Citizens form.

Thanks guys,

As mentioned in the video, hiding is optional. Smaller reports come out to 7 or 8 pages. I’ve seen as low as 4. It’s definitely saving time for our current users. As this feature grows, we’ll be adding the Citizen’s form as an output option. That’s how our wind mit solution is shaping out because the actual form is required… Thanks for your input…

We really like the Home inspector pro wind mit app. Real time saver. :wink:

Strange that you didn’t mention the 4-Point feature…

The reason he didn’t is because different insurance companies require different forms.

Thanks Roy… Do you use the Citizen’s form, InterNACHI form or your own?


My advice for the day to inspectors.

Love ya, InterNACHI but Come On Now with that ONE.

Not true for the most part. Even State Farm accepts the Citizens form as far as I know. Some carriers sub the work out to WCE’s if they want a particular format and QA. I use the Citizens form myself, but a lot of inspectors use the Nachi form, modified or original. I really never smoothed up to that one though.

I UP-Sell the Citizens one whenever I can :smiley:

I use Spectacular as my software. The 4-point feature’s amazing benefit is when you do a full home inspection you can hit “generate” to create the 4 point. Is it not done at that point, you need 2 minutes to omit some items the insurance companies don’t care about. Also, another 2 minutes to add things like remaining roof life, etc. But that’s it.

So, on a clunky junky house with lots of defects you eliminate the time it takes to rebuild all the defects in the 4 point (just like you did in your report). All I can say is, I am enjoying it and it is faster.

They just released the feature last week and I’ve sent a few 4-points off this was. No kick backs as of yet.

Or…with a pdf file, you can just copy and paste…takes 30 seconds…and if the software is made properly, you don’t even have to do that.

It is nice to see the the software vendors are starting to catch up to some of us! :slight_smile:

And to echo Brads comments, I use the Citizens form which I modified to use pictures from the home inspection report, same as the four point.

No company has refused the Citizens form yet.

Eric, I remember how long you worked on your mega template. I have a similar LiveCycle monster with weeks of programming put into it. I never conquered the WM/4PT auto populate because it was getting too crazy. Moving to Spectacular was a great move for me IMO. I can spend a higher amount of time inspecting vs writing.

It seems like most inspectors use their own 4-point report style and not the Citizen’s form, so we built ours as a ‘mini’ home inspection report first. We will be expanding Spectacular to use the Citizen’s form optionally instead. Like Mike said, it’s been out for a week. Everything gets better with time (and feedback)… thanks!

There is a Citizens Four Point fillable PDF for all NACHI members on the Florida Inspectors Facebook page. It has a few of my touches with click to insert images, logo and some other features. Sorry, I couldn’t upload it here.