4 point w/ utilities off

Can you perform a 4 point with no utilities and still keep the insurance company happy. I would assume you you would state that the utilities are off in the “additional comments/ observations”.” But Would the hvac and electrical both be marked unsatisfactory due to not being able to visual see leaks or function of hvac?

How could you judge any system is unsatisfactory when you never inspected it?

How could you judge any system is unsatisfactory when you never inspected it?

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So satisfactory only applies to the install and not the function? Sorry if this is a stupid question , but I have not performed a 4 point without utilities off and would prefer not to fill the form out wrong.

The purpose of a 4 Point report is provide data…
Part of that data includes “…does it work…” and also “…list any defects/concerns…”

Ask yourself:
How you can inspect an HVAC system that can’t be turned On.
How do you test plumber devices, water heater, etc. when the water is Off.
How do inspect the functionality of the Electrical components when the power is Off.

Good news, I suppose, you can inspect the roof with no utilities…


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Thank you ,
That’s the way I was thinking, but since the client was requesting this I wanted to make sure it was even possible or worth mine and their time.

Thanks again,
Brad Thompson

Your client is requesting a 4 point - OK.
I’ll take a guess & say that it’s required for insurance binding… and with no insurance, no mortgage.
Not sure if he knows better or desperately trying to get one to satisfy the insurance/mortgage.
So… get the electrical & H2O on. Sounds like it may be a probelm for him or the seller.