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By all means report any safety issues, “MAJOR” areas of concern, that’s what the carriers want to know, (along with estimated life expectancies). Simple is best.

Who actually orders 4 Point Inspections? Insurance companies, Mortgage lenders, or ??? http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/11/11_9_12.gif


You are CLOSE! :slight_smile:

Homeowner or buyer usually order the inspections. Insurance agents are kind of like “realtors” , they give out the names of the inspectors (mostly)

The insurance companies are looking for (just to summarize):

PLUMBING - check for leaks and galvanized and/or cast iron pipes
HEATING / A/C - should be operable
ROOF - what is the expected life, leaks, damaged area
ELECTRICAL - check for gfci, unsafe conditions, k&t wiring

Greg is right on, keep it simple, state the age, approximate life span, list of components, some ask for credentials and/or licensing information.

I have created my own (using Adobe Illustrator) 3-part NCR form, have yet to get one kicked back.

Charles, Could you send me a copy of a sample report too.


One member posted awhile back, (forgot who), the insurance people basically want to know if the house is still standing.
I’m sure that was with tongue firmly planted in cheek. :wink:

I Would Love A Good Form

4 Point Is

Age And Condition

No Strucure Or Termite

If anyone wishes a copy of the form that I have, send me an e-mail to ccrooker@rogers.com and I will try to get it to you.

For all the people that I sent this too, can anyone put it on this board!??

Thanks Charles, as you wish

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We have guys running around down here doing 4-point inspections for $75.00. Most of them dont inspet the roofs or pull panel covers. There is no way an honest inspector can compete with that!

What most inspectors dont realize is that there can be great labiltiy with these inspectons if they are not done properly. The insurance companies ‘rely’ on these reports. If something goes wrong, where do you think they are going to turn? Right to the inspector, because he said everything was OK. Its great for those who want to do them, but sooner or later the S**t is going to hit the fan.

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Here it is as a Word Document. Maybe that’ll be easier (thanks Steve).

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