Here is one for you all. I did a 4-point for a customer at his request. I did the inspection, wrote the report and got paid with a credit card. Today he calls me and tells me that I need to refund his money. I asked what was wrong. He said that his insurance company did not require the inspection and that I ( meaning me) should have known that these inspections are only for houses that are 30 years old or older. The house I inspected for him was 27 years old. Am I missing something here:-k. Is there something written somewhere that 4-points are only for houses over 30 years old? BTW house had Poly and a roof that was 3 Tab and 13 years old.

He call you for the inspection .
Tell him to submit it to his ins company anyway and he may get additional discounts.
Keep the money . You did your job.

That used to be the criteria but I have done 4 point inspections for homes less than 10yrs old. Depends on the insurance carrier and what 23 yr old pointed headed underwriter you get that week. It is a moving target. You DID the inspection, keep the money. No other profession that I know of returns money because the customer asks them to. HE should have known what his insurance company required, not you. I am willing to go out on a limb and say his RE agent is the one who told him to get the 4 Point. They usually try to squeeze the inspectors to do them for FREE.

There’s a sprinkling of truth in the statement.
1-if he requested the inspection-KEEP THE FEE
2-insurance companies DO require 4-point on homes 30 years and older (some at 29)
3-the 4-point MAY be requested by the insurance company at renewal or new policy coverage.
I would let hin know that poly will have to be replaced if insurance company finds out.
Regarding the roof-if the covering is ESTIMATED at less than 3-5 years, depending on ins. company, the roof covering may have to be replaced.
Good luck.

Forgive me but what is POLY, PB plumbing? If the home has PB, the agent will not submit the 4pt anyway, but it will become an issue when the house turns 30.

Most carriers request the 4pt for homes over 30 yrs old, but some even less than 30, or if the house has been vacant for awhile. It is not your job to question whether the inspection is needed or not, due to age. You did the work didn’t you, and you did not order the inspection, the client did.

Good luck I bet the credit card company sides with him and screws you. I hope not.

Please let us know.

I only accept cash or money order UPON MY ARRIVAL BEFORE I BEGIN. Period!!!

I no longer have to worry about getting screwed. It sure feels good :slight_smile:

Based on the fact the Citizens Insurance requires 4pt inspections on homes over 25 years old, I would not refund the money.
Truthfully, though, I would probably refund all or a portion of the money just to keep a happy customer. I would also request a written positive recommendation.

Citizens is over 30 yrs old, not 25. They were at 50 yrs just a year ago.

You could speak to your client about the purpose of a 4 point in advance, when you book the apt; why you do it, what it is, what it isn’t, the purpose for the report, etc. Set the proper expectation upfront, and these kinds of issues are less likely to occur.


Crazy talk Man. Nice though but Crazzzzy. Your time is worth something.

OP, I forgot who your were sry, but what did you get paid anyhow and how long did it take to do go there and back and office time?

Why would he ask for it if the insurance company did not say he needed it. If this is a purchase, then it would have been the Realtor. Let them refund the money. It it was a renewal, then the agent asked for it. Let him refund the money.

I am all for keeping the client happy:)… But I think there is a point you need to put your foot down and say sorry I did the work you requested. So tough-(… I am going to sit back and wait for the credit card company to call me. As far as how much I charged. $120:mrgreen:

You earned it. Keep It :slight_smile:

Just for the record I always said yes and always bent for the commercial construction clients and anyone want to guess what it got me?

A great big f-ck you very much. Too bad so sad. No loyalty in business anymore and it sickens me :frowning:

Wish I were a mobster without a family sometimes because then I’d take care of scum like they should be taken care of :slight_smile: .

If I had to really choose I would not give up my little family for anything, not even justice.

Please forgive me if I’m wrong but I fail to see any correlation between the OP and what you just said…:shock:

It was said in response to this comment about happy customers :slight_smile:

Do you understand what I meant now? No offense intended?

I just processed one for Citizens that is 24 years old and they required it.

They all make the s hi t up as they go.

UNFORTUNATELY that is their right :frowning: