4-Poitn for family member

My sister needs a 4-Point inspection done and Im curious if its illegal or there is any conflict of interest if I perform the 4-Point …?

I’d do it for my sister.

Providing you and your sister are on good terms and you would hope for best possible outcome, it smells highly of a potential conflict of interest. I would have to ask myself “can I remain completely objective and would my inspection (and undisclosed relationship) survive the intense scrutiny that may come with an insurance fraud claim if one were to arise?”

Just my 2 cents.


The only conflict is if you charge her. She’s your sister, jeesh!


I wouldnt even worry about it. Just do it, and if the insurance has an issue, they can ask you about it.
I did my own wind mitigation for the insurance, but I asked the agent first, and he said it was fine.

I thought for sure he would say no, but I’m sure each company has their own policies about it.

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I did my own Wind Mitigation and 4-Point reports. As with any other report, make sure that anything you write is defensible in a court of law.