4 pt ins inspections

Was talking to my state farm agent about 4 pt inspections. She said the fee
being charged was $65. They also use the citizen form instead of the state farm
form. I looked at some local inspection websites and see $99 listed.
Thought I’d ck with some of you experienced guys and get your thoughts.
$65 seems pretty cheap to me.

$150 stand alone.
$75 at the time of inspection.

65 or 99 to me says it’s from the prostitutes of our industry.
You know, the kind that has no steady business, hangs out at the insurance
company office & re-fills the candy bowl every Monday! :twisted:

350 stand alone…free with a home inspection. :wink:

I’m with these guys. I charge $100 but ***** the whole way home about it. I was $145 wind/4pt. $65 just isn’t worth the aggravation.

Your the inspector, not her; you charge what you want to charge.

If the client wants the $65.00 guy, I say fine, he can have them all.


Suggest to her client she charges only that as their monthly premium :slight_smile:

I prefer to not even do them as a stand-alone service. If someone really wants me to do it, I charge $150.00. Let the DMI’s and other such organizations do them for $65.00. I refuse.

Yes, here lately when quoted $150 they gasp and say “Oh i can get it for half of that”. “Okay, Have a nice day”… I like the $350 quote even better;-)

I always tell them they will get what they pay for and it could end up costing them big.

It usually does cost them anyhow :slight_smile:

One problem with your statement. When it comes to 4 points it becomes a money game. No one wants anything written up because it will cost money to repair. How many times have you gone out to do a stand alone 4 point and the client begs you to leave something off - because it’s been like that for years with no problem. And if you put it down the angry phone calls start. And the agents don’t want you to write anything because now they have a problem binding the policy and that costs them a commission. And the insurance companies don’t care because now they have money for a policy. It’s a members game to them. And thus the emergence of the $65 inspector who runs around all day reporting nothing, but he makes $100,00 a year so he is happy and he has very little liability (at least for now)

Remember that… :wink:

That is why I always get paid upon arrival in cash or money order for 4 points :twisted:

I do not risk my licenses for them for nothing.

I do not care what Agents think. A good way to tell if the Agent is worth a crap or not is if the recommend me :slight_smile: If they say do not use me you know they want something soft.

What you really meant to say is (5) guys each making $20K, right? :roll:

Agree…A mistake now and then is one thing, consistently missing things just to make a smooth go will get you in hot water!

And, having items on a home inspection report that are not present on a four-point…the fhit is going to hit the shan…

I had a insurance company call me last year- because I had not hanging / damaged outlets through out the home (10 plus) She said those should not be in the 4pt … because “that is something the client can fix”… I said where you u draw the line and how do you know the client can fix?

I recently performed a 4 points inspection and documented the electrical issues I found - The findings were corrected by a licensed electrician and I have been asked to re-inspect. My question is - Do I only inspect the corrected items and re-write the inspection on a new form - or use the original form and clear the findings there?

Just make a new form on the electrical portion and re date it. I normally charge the same exact amount as the first time as well. My time is always worth a lot no matter how many times I have to go back.

What area do you work in?