4 PT replacement inspection?

Has anyone heard or know about the insurance companies replacing the 4 Pt with a more in depth inspection? Perhaps to be called an underwriting inspection?

I’m puzzled why they would require a 4 Pt when there is a sink hole claim on file…what part of a 4 Pt inspection has to do with that?

I’m getting tired of explaining to agents that want me to return to take more “in depth pictures” that I am not required to do a free sinkhole inspection.

"Preciate your thoughts.

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They’re fishing for more reasons to raise the premium or not write the policy.

You can always choose what actions you take when operating your business; ask them for more clarification or send them an invoice for the “enhanced” inspection–in advance.


You guys are letting the insurance agents rule you and run right over you. That’s why those inspections are $75

I did not mean to imply I did their bidding, just that I’m getting tired of the expectations.

I lose a couple of inspections a week by standing up to them…no great loss.

Just wondering what’s coming down the road next???

Just wondering what’s coming down the road next??? $40.00 inspections

They are at 75.00 because that’s what the big three like to charge

I feel sorry for you guys, especially the 7000+ inspectors that rely heavily on insurance inspections for the bulk of your money.