4 Steps to Marketing Success in 23 Minutes

4 Steps to Marketing Success in 23 Minutes


7,200 word document
PDF download at http://www.bengromicko.com/

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Thanks Ben.

Marketing is often seen as a chore.
But our success depends on marketing - not just our services, but also ourselves.

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4 Steps to Marketing Success in 23 Minutes


7,200 word document
PDF download at http://www.bengromicko.com/

Click “Add to Cart”
Then Click “Checkout Now” at right-side

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Can’t you just post the Link Ben?

How about if all of us did that every time somebody needed help?

Got your emails though and found a few interesting tidbits.

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Thanks Ben

Got the info via the emails. VERY useful info for myself just starting out! Thanks.

Thanks, Ben…


The article goes over the following 4 steps. Read it and think about your business practices related to marketing, including:

  • Step 1: Identifying your clients;
  • Step 2: Developing your niche service;
  • Step 3: Understanding what your clients want;
  • Step 4: Communicating using your website.

I love receiving emails like these - about “4 Steps to Marketing Success in 23 Minutes.”
And thank you, all.
Hope you find the info helpful.

Hi Ben,
I just want to say thank you for the Marketing tips! As a new Inspector in an industry that screams experience, your tips are very, very helpful. Please keep them coming and if there is any advice that you can give me in order to be successful, it will be much appreciated.
Thank you,

You did a very nice job with the marketing success tips. I found the tips to be interesting and useful. I am going to implement them so I can get my business going in the right direction. My business is at a critical stage right now and I am financially drained, and doing my best to not go out of business. Hopefully things will turn around because I absolutely love inspecting homes.
It would brake my heart to have to throw in the towel.
Thanks again for the marketing tips.

Thanks for sending this series on improving my marketing plans. For some reason, I did not receive Step 4. Would it be possible to resend that step to me? Thank you for all your help.

Evening Ben
Thank you again for these wonderful information. I truly appreciate it.

Can’t help seeing that everything you are saying makes perfect sense. Young buyers demand convenience and they want it now. The one thing that we continuously promote is to make a website more than just a business card. Having a scheduling panel right on their home page grabs that customer and gets the inspection booked. We also match perfectly with SEO efforts. Why arrive at the top of the search list if there is no reason for someone to stay there, they will at least look at 2-3 more sites before making, or not, a decision. Again, even if they come back to it, they most often will choose the site with a scheduler…convenience.

I am very interested in this, but somehow I either deleted or never received steps 1 and 2 . Is it possible for you to resend those to me.
Thanks in advance

Excellent thoughts and suggestions that I will incorporate into my business. Unfortunately, the first thing most people say when they call me is “How much is your inspection” or “What do you charge?” No matter how much I try to educate them on experience, qualifications, service,etc, many still make their decision on the lowest price. And also unfortunately there are the low ball, retired shoe salesman inspectors out there with the tear off carbon copy reports driving down the prices. They have a cheap website that says “All Homes $250”. How can you compete with that if the houses are 2,3,4000 square feet and up? Our seminars and articles etc, say “Don’t lower your prices”. But these guys who have unqualified underpaid employees going out doing the inspections for these cheap prices are getting the bulk of the work and making the home inspection profession look bad. Can you give some suggestions on how to convince buyers not to go with “Quick and Cheap Home Inspections”?

I appreciate the heads up information and find it very useful.

that was great again, nick. but i read it in far less than 23 minutes!
i have my niche, and a great reputation. so i agree with you completely.

“Good Stuff”

Hi Ben

  1. Identifying Your Clients
    Good points
    I learn that by not having ads in any paper form was one way I controlled the client I would take.
    Another was to listen how and what they said to me on the phone.
    Thank you for info

very well done ben. good research and presentation of the information.

I’m enjoying your “Four Steps To Marketing Success in 23 Minutes.” Thanks for putting it together and emailing it to members.

Thanks for e-mail on ID your clients. I did not have access to this info and fond it very informative and important. As always I need help marketing and I’m not up to speed with web. I have a site thru HomeGauge. I e-mailed a business associate and she will help me get more into today’s means of getting to the right source.

Thanks for this important information. Enjoyed reading this part one. It is quiet , ( not like previous years ). I am looking at upgrading my site . It would be nice too meet you here in Canada’s capital
one day.
Again, Thank You !

Nice Job - Thanks

i hope brown nosing realtors is the top thing you’ll be recommending.
if not…trust me, thats what YOU MUST DO.
you know, or should know, over 75% of MOST HI work comes from realtors.
want to keep a realtor happy ? be thorough, and do so without recking his-her sale / THATS ALL… simple.
web sites, print ads, radio, internet, been there, done that.

That’s great news Ben . I can always use more help and good advise !

I truly enjoy and appreciate your emails on marketing. Your four step approach in providing the entire message is a marketing lesson in itself. Thanks for this effort.


Excellent information.


I see you are to busy to return phone calls. :neutral:

I just wanted to spend some money!! :smiley: