40,000 inspectors registered to use this message board.

40,000 inspectors took the time to register for this message board.

Together they made over 1.1 million posts.

Congratulations on the “success” of this message board.

This message board is why many people choose to join InterNachi.
You have many InterNachi members who can truly be called “experts” on any given topic that come here on a daily basis and offer a wealth of information “for free” to whoever needs an answer to a “technical question”.
This is just one of the many, many reasons that InterNachi is so great!

I sincerely hope that you, your employees, and the moderators of this message board will start to enforce the COE/Forumabout rules.
I and many others look forward to that day!

I like you, I respect you and I wish you nothing but success! :nachi:
I’m proud to say that I am a member of InterNachi….And more importantly I am proud to say that you are a friend of mine!:stuck_out_tongue:
Keep up the good work;-)

Frank, check your website http://www.americascertifiedinspectioncompanyllc.com/

I don’t see much of that, maybe 1 in 100 posts or less. Every time I question myself and have staff do an actual count it’s always something like 1 in several hundred posts.

If you focus on negativity, you’ll find it. Roofers think this message board is full of mostly posts about roofs.