40 Year inspection qualification

Is anyone familiar with a 40 year apartment building inspection and the qualifications needed. I have a client that wants one done. Since I’m a licensed FL home inspector I figured I was qualified to inspect each of the 14 units in the building.

You have to be an engineer.

Oh really ok thanks for the info

No you don’t.
If the owner wishes to have a building inspection performed on the apartment you can do that with qualifications.
If a lender or an insurer required the inspection that you should ask if they require an environmental or Phase 1 inspection and that should be performed by a P.E.

You have to be an Architect or engineer, to perform the 40 year inspection, it cannot be done by anyone else! It is a specific inspection asked for by the city or county and can’t be performed by anyone else!

Miami-Dade 40 year notice CLICK HERE

Thanks for the info.
Wasn’t aware of the government request for inspections.
Yes, you have to be an Arch. or P.E.
Have not come across that in Central Florida area.