400+ 45rpm record for sale - CHEAP

Hi all -

My in-laws sold an antique Wurlitzer Jukebox and have over 400 45rpm records sitting in a box for sale. Almost all (95%) are in playable condition. Sale price: $200.

Call Donna (my mother-in-law) at 706-861-3562.


Anybody younger than 30 years old will probably not know what your talking about!!:mrgreen:

I have a Victrola and was able to pick up almost a hundred 78’s for $2.00

Anybody younger than 60 probably will not know what I’m talking about.:mrgreen:

I’m less than 60 though. :-k

Ahh yes, hand cranking an old Victrola to listen to Ivory Joe Hunter’s “Since I Met you Baby” & Tommy Edward’s “It’s All in the Game”…brings back memories… even some good ones. :slight_smile: Take a walk down memory lane… http://www.divshare.com/download/1464718-7ad