400amp Service

Why on earth would someone install a 400 amp panel in a 1970s ranch-style home at 1800 ft.²? It has 2 heat pump units and an electric range, but other than that, just normal load. Wondering what protects the SEC from a 200 amp meter. I’m unable to determine the size of the SEC’s, but they are as large is my thumb and they are doubled on each leg. Any issues with having an oversized panel ?

Is there a secret basement onsite?

No secret basement, no grow operation, nothin!

Perhaps there was a guest house prior or one that was being planned for… 400 is a lot of service I’ll agree. I’ve encountered it when they have a pool or other facilities such as barns and other houses on the property… Nothing wrong with too much service. A 200 amp sub panel could have been the objective.

There is a guy around here that does a huge Christmas light display, big enough to be front page news every year. He has a 200 amp sub panel dedicated for that. That would be a reason.

It quite possibly was just normal for the area. Anyway, it is not a defect as it is simply a design choice and they obviously decided they needed to go big or go home.

Another reason some people used to use a 400 A set up was the panels typically had more spaces (OCPD options) than a 200 so rather than go with (2) 200’s to get more OCPD space they just choose a 400 A.

100, 200, 400, 600 or 1000A…look for the same things wrong in each as that is what remains constant when people screw them up. As for anything else…sorry I can’t see the images well enough on my android this morning.

Nothing wrong. A service can be as large as you want it. NEC is just a minimum standard. Could be the original owner was a sparky or contractor and wanted the ‘‘best’’.

I saw a couple up here, electric heated driveways.