48 MPG... I love it...



Did it come with the Flashlight?

No… but it did come with a live video screen that comes on when
I back up the car. Now I like driving down the road backwards
and watch the video screen… it is so cool…:mrgreen:

It also keeps the mileage low.

48 Gallons to the mile!


Cool, what kind is it?

I see many of the Prius floating around. Good choice!

I am going to drive up to Boulder CO (and save on gas on the way) and have a rematch.
I am sick of the reputation that the girls beat me up.


I told my wife that I tried not to enjoy it.

This one gets about 30 miles for about 1.25 in electricity. I’ll admit the range is limited, but about 75% of my work is within 10-15 miles.
The dealer I spoke with said some of his buyers were thinking about adding a couple of batteries in the bed to extend the range. It also has a solar panel option.
Now that would be sweet, using this for short trips, and getting a Prius for those further away.


That would be cool to have a small truck like that. I don’t think I would handle the Atlanta traffic in that little thing though. The only way I feel safe is in something big, I hate driving my wifes car in the traffic.

I wish they had a small truck like a Nissan Frontier or Tacoma that was Hybrid and got 48 mpg.


Small enough to put a saddle on, eh John…

I want to see “trick my prius”!